Yellowstone Trails & Tales

If you have any interest in otters, Yellowstone, wildlife, or nature in general, we this will have been worth waiting for.   None of this photography has been done with controlled animals as is frequently done in nature films.


Because otters can catch fish in Yellowstone Lake even in the winter, other animals and birds can sometimes steal enough of the otter's catch to get them through some lean times. 

There is some remarkable footage shot deep down in Yellowstone Lake, to see mysterious spires not previously known to exist on the Lake bottom.  Shot exclusively for this film, it is the first time they’ve been seen.

This is a fun film...sometimes humorous.  A bald eagle boldly confronts an otter, seeming to demand that the otter hand over it’s fish!  A coyote catches an otter diving into a hole in the ice and pulls him out by the tail.  Otter pups play and slide on the ice in an explosively comic way.  Geese slide on new ice, expecting to land in water. 

We see Yellowstone in winter, giving meaning to the cliché “wonderland”.  We see the famous Yellowstone Falls in winter, and old Faithful looking like an atomic bomb blast at 40 below zero. 

The bubbling mud pots seem like a comic joke…a steady expulsion of gases without emotions of any kind.  Still, they give a sense of the ludicrous.

A land of two million acres, Yellowstone should have been included six million acres.  We’re lucky to have it as it is…not America’s First National Park, it is the first national park in the whole World.