Yellowstone Soundscapes

An audio CD of the natural sounds of Yellowstone!  There is no music…nature itself provides the music on this disc. 


With the howl of the wolf at dawn, we make our way through the landscapes of Yellowstone, listening to the sounds you would encounter if you were here.  The ancient sound of geysers, bugling elk, battling bison, as we weave our way through forest and meadow.  

You can hear a sound not often heard by humans.  As Yellowstone Lake freezes in early winter, and the temperature drops to 40 below for the first time, the ice on the Lake expands, creating an otherworldly sound.  It is a sound difficult to describe, but definitely seems of another planet…ghostly, startling, haunting. 

The second half of the disc is a repeat of all the audio in the first part of the CD, but with narration to explain and name each animal, bird, and feature. 

A unique audio image of the natural world of Yellowstone, it can engender a feeling of peace and connection to the natural world.

Dale Johnson