Yellowstone-High Country Treasure   

High Country Treasure begins with a view of Yellowstone from Space, then quickly immerses is into the life of the Park.   Mountain Men from the 1850’s lament the passing of the them it seemed already too crowded.


Captured here are dramatic struggles and triumphs of the native wildlife, which include an antelope chasing a coyote from her young...a grizzly pursuing a band of elk in a life and death drama...coyotes stealing fish from an otter. A male grizzly bear threatens bear cubs, and a huge elk herd migrate in deep snow, presenting a panorama reminiscent of the historical past. Big horn sheep engage in spectacular mating battles. Bison, moose, squirrels and black bear are also part of the wildlife pagent, perhaps very much as the Mountain Men saw it.

The unique natural features...the gysers, the petrified forests, as well as the wildlife, all reasons for the very creation of this first National Park...are all pictured. A stagecoach ride, a day in the life of a Park Ranger, a breakfast cookout in a remote part of the Park, a summer storm... all set against the pristine setting of Yellowstone National Park.