This is two stories of two separate wolf packs, each with a white alpha female...a mother and daughter.

A lone female wolf moves along a Yellowstone road. She is looking for a mate, possibly the black male she mated with last winter, and she is looking for a home. Last fall her parents, the White Wolf and her mate, were killed by a neighboring pack. She escaped.  


Her mother’s territory included Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley and the nearby Yellowstone Canyon. If she can only find a mate. For two years she hunted with this pack, and helped raise her pup and those of her mother. She helped defended their territory against the Mollie’s Pack.   She carries her mothers white gene and like her mother will soon turn almost white.

For four more years the Canyon pack rules Hayden Valley, denning in her mothers den sites. The litters are small with most surviving pups dispersing at an early age. The pack encounters mange, which afflicts most pack members with a mite that causes severe itching. They continue to use the road in winter to move long distances in search of food.

In the summer of 2014 WHITE WOLF has a severe limp, she is now eight years old.  Her life long partner is the same age, quite old for Yellowstone wolves. 

She is attracted to a lone male, the charcoal wolf was once jet black, but age has turned him charcoal gray. In a most unusual move WHITE WOLF and her mate abdicate their territory to the new couple, retreating to the far reaches of their territory.

The new pair will have pups over the next two years.   In July of their first year, three wolves of the Mollies Pack move into Hayden Valley, and in a surprising move chase off the alpha male and take over. The two females and the pups accept the three new wolf brothers. 

As they cavort the White Female tries to swim down a fleeing calf elk. The pups get a chance to watch their mother in action and have some fun with the new adult wolf.

She is the third white wolf in the Hayden Valley dynasty. Her pack will start the autumn with nine members; in future years the pack could grow in size and dominate the Mollie’s Pack for the first time in 12 years. The story is on-going in Yellowstone. 

Humans watch and record these events, but do not interfere with the wolves in this natural environment.