TEXAS Trails and Tales

When standing in El Paso, Texas, you’re closer to Los Angeles than to Texarcana on the other side of the State.  When standing in Brownsville you are 475 miles from Mexico City, but  almost 800 miles from Amarillo.  There’s a lot to explore. 


The second largest canyon in the U.S., Palo Duro, is found here, a fact not well known, even in Texas.  It was the site of the last war fought with the Indians of the western plains as the U.S. Army subjugated the aboriginal Indians to reservations.

Football is the State religion, oil is the lymph gland, cotton and peanuts, along with cattle are the foundation.  NASA, metroplexes, the Big Thicket, a technological Silicone Valley around Austin, the Capitol, all fascinating in and of themselves.  The Alamo still stands as an iconic symbol of the Texas spirit.

At dusk 20 million bats emerge from Bracken Cave near San Antonio every night.  Texas has become an important wine producing state!  The well known and the little known converge to keep viewers engrossed and entranced.