Irish Stories and Glories

Irish Stories & Glories” is a sequel to “Celtic Myths and Splendors”. This film too, covers the entire Island of Ireland, including Northern Ireland, meeting the people, discovering the places, exploring the culture. The past is examined in a sequence on the Irish Famine, contrasted by the present, which we find in the less obvious enclaves of remote spots throughout the Country. But we also visit the major cities...Dublin and Belfast, and several fascinating towns along the way. “Irish Stories & Glories” is a refreshing overview with captivating new stories about a Country you only thought you knew.


The richness of Ireland lies not only in the beauty of the land, but in the stories of it’s people. To truly appreciate this island we’ll “meet” some of those who have lived here… throughout the millennium.

Present day residents… and medieval Dubliners…are out for a night on the town. North is Kells Monastery, where the famous illuminated Bible manuscript, the Book of Kells, was discovered.

In County Monahan are three bachelor brothers who work wonders in in creating wooden clocks, and the largest Norman castle in the country… where the movie, “Braveheart” was filmed. East is the Cooley Peninsula with its legends of the Children of Lir, the Brown Bull of Cooley, and prehistoric stone monuments that are still unexplained.


In Northern Ireland: Clones, with its stories of the 1840’s Irish famine and traditional Irish lace, Lisburn, with its history of Irish Linen, and Limavady where the tale of the beloved Irish ballad, “Danny Boy,” began. Londonderry is famous for its huge political murals, and we go back in time to see Carrick Fergus Castle, one of the great Anglo Norman castles in the world.

South, along the Shannon river, is the legendary medieval monastery of Clonmacnoise. Along the southern coast at Annestown, young lasses show off their skills on horseback, which is a popular pursuit among the teenagers of Ireland.


Through the Wicklow Mountains to Wexford town to relive the tragic experience of the famine emigrants aboard the ship Dunbrody. Inland from Wexford is Holy Cross Abbey, which has splinter of the true Cross of Jesus it is alleged.

Along the Lakes of Kilarney is Muckross House and Abbey. In the Shannon region, we follow a descendent as he discovers the castle of his ancestors at Dysert O’Dea. Add to our adventure a shopping spree in Ennis town.

In County Galway stands the mythical and mysteriously carved Turoe Stone from the 3rd-century B.C.  Knock is the internationally famous pilgrimage site called the “Lourdes of Ireland.” And in the western-most section of County Galway we drive around the Connemara to Kylemore Abbey. At Ballemont we stop by a carriage-making shop on our way to County Mayo, and Ciede fields where a peaceful prehistoric culture once thrived.

The Northwest takes us to the holy well of Tobernalt, Carrowmore, the largest group of megalithic monuments in all the British Isles and the reputed resting place of the legendary Queen Maeve.

Throughout this country, from north to south, the little-known and seldom-seen sites create their own special bit of magic. Those discoveries, and so much more are what’s waiting for us in “Irish Stories and Glories".