Grizzly Country

Grizzly bears have a secret life not easily visible to the casual visitor or observer.  This document reveals some of the most astonishing behavior of these great bears, recorded over a ten year period...allowing us to recognize some of the bears individually, such as Scarface, Swimmer and Quad Mom.


Once they were somewhat rare in the American west, and were listed as a ‘threatened’ species. The grizzly populations have recovered today and are beginning to stabilize...but because they exist only in this one part of the lower 48 States, it may take special efforts to ensure that they can continue.

Grizzly bear cubs always seem to be the most appealing of young animals, and their antics are on display here in ways that may tug at your heart strings.  They wrestle, they climb, they play with bison “pies”.   We see them nursing and climbing all over their patient moms in this video record.