“Egypt: of Pharaohs and Fables”

The meeting of a robed horseman leading his camels across the  desert  sand, framed by  the great  pyramids of Giza brings us to  the beginning of 5,000 years of human history in “ Egypt: of Pharaohs and Fables”.

As the orb of the rising sun slowly rolls up the side of the Giza Pyramid to the apex, we glimpse images of the humans who believed they were Gods superimposed over all.  Pharaohs we will learn about throughout this country.



From Cairo, thirty miles away lies Memphis, United Egypt’s first city.

From Cairo by train, we travel along the Nile south to Aswan.  Near the border of ancient Sudan.   There are markets, landmarks - and people.  A struggling young Egyptian couple , inside their modest home - sharing a cup of tea.

Old Cataract Hotel was built at the turn of the century for visitors like the writer Agatha Christie, who wrote some of her best mystery novels here, perhaps as she watched classical entertainment of belly dancing.

A visit to the Aswan High Dam gives us a view of the world’s largest manmade lake - Lake Nasser - 300 miles long, and the giant colossi of Abu Simbal.

At Karnak, for two thousand years, each July the incredible festival of  Opet was celebrated. The most incredible temple supported by columns 79 feet high and 6 fee in circumference…all constructed by hand.

Our return to Cairo from the Sinai means one last look at Egyptian life today.  A Muslim wedding celebration with friends and an adventure into an age-old  tradition, the Cairo camel market, with Bedouin, Nubian and Egyptians together for  an unforgettable experience.

Reflecting on this adventure, brings deeper meaning to this country, called the cradle of all of us,  for every epoch of mankind is written here.  But our journey has returned us full circle to the great Giza pyramids, the slowly setting sun, and the desert.