Catch Me If You Can II

In I991 Trailwood-Landis Films produced a wildlife film for children, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.  This film won many awards for it’s wild animal behavior.  Now Trailwood-Landis Films have produced a new DVD, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN II.

This new film contains more complete behavior sequences and twice the length of the original, but with the same captivating song and music, CATCH ME II will delight children of all ages.



The DVD consists of six easily accessible chapters, each approximately 15 minutes in length, with its own lyrics, and each stands as a complete story.  The chapters include young animals at play, learning adult behaviors, sometimes highlighted by adults doing similiar activities. Animals included are grizzly and black bear, wolf, fox, coyote, otter, pronghorn, bison, elk, bighorn sheep, and a new addition, ravens.

All sequences were shot in HD, filmed in the wilds of Yellowstone Park.  Some sequences have appeared on National Geographic TV and PBS’s Nature Series.