Canada.  This colossus of land spans six time zones.  It was once a dramatic land...bounded by three seas and the sky...a land that never sleeps.  The drama is still played out in isolated pockets.



Canada’s National Parks are a gateway to a wilderness experience for millions of people, where the tingling arousal of danger can still be felt.  Wild creatures unify the land...without them it would only be dead scenery.

The fresh morning of exploration began with the voyagers...and now the Parks keep alive small fragments of what they saw.  The primal rhythms  still pulse across the land...sometimes wild...sometimes serene...always splendid!

Three hundred years ago, the steady beat of stocky Frenchmen, called voyagers, would dispel much of the mystery.  They would turn their faces west and paddle across this northern search of furs.  They rode the watery veins and arteries of the land--to open its secrets to the trappers and traders who would follow.  The voyagers would touch many of the areas now set aside  as National Parks.

“Canada’s Incredible Parks” will take us through 21 Canadian Parks from East to West.  Starting with L’Anse aux Meadows Park in Newfoundland, where Vikings waded ashore a thousand years ago.  We explore the forested Parks of central Canada to the stunning mountains of the West.  Included are Gros Moren, Cape Breton Highlands, Kejimkujik, Prince Edward Island, Kouchibouquac, Fundy, La Mauricie, Point Pelee, Ellesmere Island, Grasslands, Riding Mountain, Waterton Lakes, Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho, Wood Buffalo, Nahanni, Pacific Rim and Kluane...majestic and resplendent.

Today people come from crowed cities, to get back to the roots of our collective memories.  The commonplace is left behind in this land that too few see.  In this program we explore the natural heart...the true spirit...of Canada’s National Parks!
Dale Johnson