Twelve hundred miles to Alaska !
A spectacular wild land !
History emerges from jungle !
You haven't seen it like this !
For children - but charms adults !
It still hold the challenge
World class historic sites.
A colossal, modern, Country!
Still a historical impact on the World!
He's the dominant predator !
A frolicking, casual critter !
It really is the GREEN Isle !
Some of the stories are even true!
A young boy's one day adventure!
The Bibical sites, and much more!
World class historic sties!
A year on the Arctic coast of Alaska!
An important Country, though small !
Land of my Ancestors !
The glaciers are diminishing!
Trumpeter swans are coming home !
The adventure is still here!
A mother and daughter !
The Islands of Eden!
Some of it is still wild !
Three award winning films!
The great fires actually were a benefit !
It's still big...and surprising!
Wildlife among the thermals!
A National treasure!
An audio tour of Yellowstone!