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 To know something of the world is a lifetime pursuit.  Learning about it is a continual joy and fascination...the learning never stops.

China has the largest population on Earth...1.4 billion people.  It is the second largest economy on Earth...second only to the U.S.  It is a Country determined to assume a position of importance within the membership of nations. We have long thought of China as a poor nation.  Today it's modernity will surprise you.

Wildlife projects are a continuing activity here."Grizzly Country", is a newly released title.

The grizzly bear is the top predator of Yellowstone, but even so, life can be tenuous for him.  Like humans he is an omnivore, eating an amazing variety of foods.  Above all else though, he is a survivor, and this video document captures action rarely seen by humans.



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A land of two million acres, Yellowstone should have included six million acres, in what is know as The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We’re lucky to have it as it is though…America’s First National Park, it is also the first national park in the whole World.

In remote areas of the Rocky Mountains the river otter still lives his energetic free life.  He has few enemies, although the coyote is one.  Ironically, there are times when the coyote has to depend on the otter for his own survival.  But the otters are basically just living in their own happy an endless frolic, it seems.  Coming Soon!


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