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Grizzly & salmon The Lure of Alaska!

Observe intimate close views of the wildlife, no longer easily visible from the roadways, which is both a surprise and a Eagledisappointment for so many visitors. But in the remote parts of this land, animal life still thrives.

Grizzlies snatch jumping salmon in mid-air, bull moose battle for dominance, arctic fox pups play along the edge of the Arctic Ocean, and calving glaciers continue to diminish in this eternal land, which is eternally changing.

See this and more. Explore The Lure of Alaska!


Longhorn Roundup

Ghost townIf you're standing in Brownsville, Texas you are 475 miles from Mexico City, but almost 800 miles from Amarillo. There’s a lot to explore here.

Palo Duro Canyon, second largest in the U.S. is found here, a fact not well known, even in Texas. Football is the state religion, oil is the life blood, agriculture and cattle are the foundation. NASA, metroplexes, the Big Thicket, a technological Silicone Valley around Austin, the Capitol, are all part of the diversity. And The Alamo still stands as an iconic symbol of the Texas spirit.

 Beneath the Jungle...and Beyond. Mesoamerica

About 1000 years before the time of Christ, a consortium of autonomous city-kingdoms developed and flourished in a region now mapped as Southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. They thrived until around the 16th Century AD, leaving behind astonishing monuments to the energy, industry, and ingenuity of their populations. They built temples rivaling those of Egypt... not as large but more extensive. A calendar more accurate than our own, astronomical observations used in their building thatreveal an amazing degree of sophistication. Discovered and developed the use of rubber. The people of the jaguar!

Today, the descendants of the ancient Maya still populate this same region. Farmers, cowboys, Mennonites, ancient sacrificial rituals, continual discoveries of more temples. The world’s second largest barrier reef is here. All are part of the new film on Mesoamerica, Beneath the Jungle…and Beyond.

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